Data Centres

Transform energy intensive
spaces with hyper-efficiency

Reduce energy costs immediately when cooling data centres, pumping stations, machine and equipment rooms. Climate Wizard generates 100% fresh dry air at a fraction of the cost of refrigerated systems.

Proven to lower energy costs by 80%


Customers include large corporations, who conducted extensive technical feasibility studies to find that only Climate Wizard could deliver hyper-efficient cooling and reliability.

TelstraAustralia’s largest telecommunications operator uses Climate Wizard for seamless climate control, working alongside a packaged system.

Up-time of 99.995% for telecommunications equipment is a “non-negotiable,” which reflected the extensive procurement process that tested Climate Wizard’s performance and reliability, prior to purchase.

Project Information
Installation Original New
System 45kW PAC CW-H15
+45kW PAC
Cooling Capacity Max 45kW 12 + 45 = 57kW
Input Power at 45kW 16.1kW 13.5kW
COP (EER)* 2.8 (9.6) 3.3 (11.4)
Power Saving* 16.2%

*At design conditions

All-round exceptional engineering and design solution. Smart thinking such as using return air from the conditioned space to make further efficiency gains.


  • Economical solution to increase exchange efficiency
  • Huge energy saving all year round
  • Low maintenance costs and long life equipment
  • Retro-fit installation, supplementary cooling to existing PACs
  • Enhanced commitment to the environment

Broadcast AustraliaEssential electronics for television and radio broadcasting is cooled in one of the most brutal heat environments on the planet, Adelaide South Australia, where temperatures reach 45ºC and remain over 30ºC for weeks at a time.

Project Information
Installation Original New
System 2x 60kW PAC 6x CW-H15 + 2x
60kW as standby
Cooling Capacity Max 120kW 90kW (CW only)
Input Power at 90kW 34.6kW 10.8kW
COP (EER)* 2.6 (8.9) 8.3 (28.5)
Power Saving* 69%

*At design conditions

The cost savings exceeded expectations. The reliability and built-in redundancy has been proven over three extreme summers


  • Exceptionally low cost of operation
  • Low maintenance costs and long life equipment
  • Retro-fit installation, suitable for all RTUs
  • Enhanced commitment to the environment


Data Centre Equipment Room


Climate Wizard High Volume Module can be designed to integrate with other air conditioning equipment supplied by other contractors.