Climate Wizard appears in the Australian TV series ‘Australia by Design’ 15 December 2017

Frank Seeley, Founder and Executive Chairman of Seeley International, features on the Channel Ten Australia by Design TV program. Frank was interviewed by host Brandon Glen, CEO, Good Design Australia, about the award winning Climate Wizard CW-P15. “There is absolutely no denying that Frank Seeley is a true innovator and is taking innovation to a whole new level.”
The CW-P15 is featured in comparison to the first air conditioning unit that Seeley International produced.  The sleek, compact and hyper-efficient CW-P15 unit “is going to make huge waves in the air conditioning market”.

Frank takes Brandon into the confidential Imagineering department at Seeley International, where an engineering team works on all of the ‘”over horizon stuff” which is four generations ahead of where the company is currently positioned. This is how Seeley International stays ahead of the game.

A walk through the sophisticated Seeley air conditioning factory in Lonsdale, Adelaide, then off to Pimpama Queensland where the CW-P15 can be seen doing what it does best in a fast food outlet.

Watch the video here