Energy efficiency and clever design earns major industry accolade for CW-P15 09 June 2017

After being shortlisted as a Good Design® Selection finalist in the prestigious 2017 Good Design Awards, the Climate Wizard CW-P15 by Seeley International has achieved a major industry accolade after it was announced an award winner in the Product Design category (Commercial and Industrial) at a gala ceremony in Sydney last night.

The CW-P15, which was released to market earlier this year, impressed the judging panel who commented: “Best in class energy saving coupled with good design make this a very appealing product. The fit for purpose housing makes this a truly integrated product that blends with a range of installation options.”

In response to the award announcement, Seeley International Founder and Executive Chairman, Mr Frank Seeley AM FAICD, said the CW-P15 has leveraged on the multi-award winning Climate Wizard pedigree to achieve a revolutionary indirect evaporative air conditioner that uses a hyper-efficient counter-flow heat exchanger to produce 100% fresh, cool, outside air, with no added moisture.

“CW-P15 overcomes the shortcomings experienced with traditional evaporative air conditioning, and offers comfort conditions that are equivalent to or better than, conventional refrigerated air conditioning – using up to 80% less energy for cooling than refrigerated systems performing the same function,” Mr Seeley said.

“Our development of CW-P15 allows a broader range of commercial and industrial customers to enjoy the unrivalled benefits and innovative technology of Climate Wizard. In addition to improving the cooling performance of refrigerated equipment, it can also extend the life of existing refrigerated systems – whether it is a retrofit or new installation,” he said.

Seeley International’s commitment to ongoing product improvement and innovation extends beyond enhanced functionality, to include a number of clever external design benefits, such as a UV-proof lightweight polymer corrosion-resistant casing to perfectly complement a range of roof or building designs.

In addition to offering flexible configurations across commercial and industrial applications, CW-P15 takes full advantage of environmentally friendly R-718 (water) to achieve high quality cooling at high electrical efficiencies, with no ozone depleting gases or chemicals employed in its operation.

“The CW-P15 offers a long lifespan in excess of 20 years, and during that time it is not intended that any substantial renewal of major components will be required. There are no consumable items that need regular replacing – except for air filters, which can be recycled,” Mr Seeley said.

“CW-P15 is made completely in-house at Seeley International’s SA-based manufacturing plant, and reflects our ongoing commitment to innovation, an active contribution to sustain local manufacturing, and ongoing employment opportunities for Australians,” he said.

The CW-P15 has integrated several key maintenance and service enhancements to ensure low maintenance requirements and costs, and sets the industry benchmark when it comes to being easy to maintain through the development of new standard filters, with optional washable or disposable pleated panel filters accommodated in the one design.

Similarly, clever design ensures that inverter drive motors are long life and easily accessible from front or rear of the unit, should servicing or replacement be needed. All service installation points, such as power, water and waste are easily accessible during and after installation.

Other key features of the CW-P15 include:

  • A new compact design which allows for easy side-by-side, rooftop installation,
  • Smaller footprint and visually low profile designed to perfectly blend with a rooftop,
  • Enhanced access and handling ensures easier installation, connection, service and maintenance,
  • Integrated lifting points in the design, ensuring simple crane and forklift transport and installation,
  • Direct-mount or frame-mount installation, with the ability to be mounted side-by-side on either side, with all maintainable parts accessed by the front or back of the unit,
  • A twin fan design means CW-P15 features separate exhaust and supply channels,
  • The design of CW-P15 allows constant supply through air conditioning systems’ low pressure ducts,
  • New axial propeller fans, with the sickle blade / air-foil design ensuring added efficiency,
  • Integrated air filtration systems, with options for disposable or washable box filters,
  • Use of single phase power, rather than three phase power and
  • Optional MagIQtouch Controller or standard MagIQcool Controllers, allowing users to set temperatures on-site or remotely.

“The Australian Good Design Awards attracted innovative entries from all corners of the world and the standard of submissions this year has really been incredible,” said Dr Brandon Gien, CEO of Good Design Australia and Chair of the Good Design Awards program.
“Good design is about making our lives better, safer and happier. It extends to everything around us – from the products we use in our daily lives and the services we interact with to the buildings we live and work in – they can all be improved through better design. That’s what lies at the heart of these awards”.
Managed by Good Design Australia, the annual Good Design Awards program recognises and rewards excellence in design, innovation and creativity at a national and international level. Australia’s Good Design Awards date back to the 1950’s and have an enviable record of unearthing globally recognised talent and products, with entries undergoing an extensive evaluation process involving more than 35 Australian and international design experts.